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About  Us

How It Started...

innerPhuel was born out of our deep-rooted aspiration for transformative health and wellness.  As registered nurses, we witness how stress gradually erodes the well-being of our patients, colleagues, family, and friends.  For years, our journeys made us acutely aware that our caring potential went beyond our current achievements.  Like many others, we struggled to find the right path. Then it finally happened! The COVID-19 pandemic pushed us into a new level of uncertainty.  For Dawn, the uncertainties and challenges pushed her into the clutches of burnout and stress-induced deterioration. At the same time, Andrea felt helpless against the immense stress of the healthcare industry which generated a greater desire to help clients differently. Our collective experiences in trying to manage our stress, frankly struggling, led us to discover the HeartMath® system.

The results were beyond amazing, and our mission became clear; we want to help others create a space to connect, be inspired, and transform. Through our personal experiences and HeartMath training, we discovered the transformative effects of heart-brain coherence and how utilizing these intelligent energy management techniques increased our overall health.
This marked the inception of innerPhuel, our true north, an embodiment of our journey from stress to resilience.

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This marked the inception of innerPhuel, our true north, an embodiment of our journey from stress to RESILIENCE.

Our Mission

Driven by a clear mission, innerPhuel is committed to creating an energetic and supportive space where individuals can connect, find inspiration, and learn to transform their stress into resilience. We believe that navigating life’s circumstances does not need to be greeted as a challenge but rather an experience filled with awareness and growth. Our goals are to help individuals harness their heart's intelligence through the personal awareness of emotional responses and how to use techniques to navigate stressful experiences that produce greater coherence (balance) and resilience. At innerPhuel, we are not just about managing stress; we are about turning it into a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. 

About HeartMath

HeartMath® has an innovative system designed to empower individuals by harnessing the power of the heart-brain connection. It's an approach that combines modern science with advanced technology to forge a path toward optimal well-being and resilience. 

HeartMath® techniques are backed by scientific research, demonstrating their effectiveness in reducing stress and improving resilience. Furthermore, these techniques are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide and in organizations such as hospitals, schools, corporations, and law enforcement agencies.


As HeartMath® Certified trainers, we have been trained to guide individuals on a transformative journey focusing on the Four Domains of Resilience, as depicted below. We show you how to tap into the intuitive intelligence of your heart, allowing you to navigate life's ups and downs with greater coherence.

As a result, individuals are better able to manage their emotional responses to stress, enhance their ability to think more clearly, make decisions effectively, and improve overall health.

Domains of Resilience

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Would you love to see your heart rate variability go from incoherent to coherent as shown below? We can show you how!
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