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Meet Co-Founder

Andrea Rost, MSN, RN

BSN Drexel University, MSN University of Phoenix 


After 20+ years working in the healthcare industry and as a Registered Nurse, Andrea’s passion remains to help organizations and individuals achieve their desired goals. Through her own personal journey, she has learned that the heart-centered connection is the key to evolving oneself in the many aspects of personal realities: health, finances, relationships, and career. As a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, Andrea blends her years of nursing, education, and performance improvement consulting with HeartMath’s evidence-based self-regulatory techniques proven to reduce stress and enhance resilience. Andrea’s mission is to help others create space that allows for a deeper understanding of their emotional responses and to reduce depleting energy experiences while fueling the body with vitalizing energy for healthier and fulfilling experiences.

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