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Did you know that “60%-80% of primary care doctor visits are related to stress, yet only 3% of patients receive stress management treatment, (JAMA Intern Med. 2013;173(1):76-77)”? Imagine if you could utilize your heart-brain connection to increase your resilience, build coherence and transform your stress into viable, accessible energy. We can help guide you and your teams in harnessing your heart's intelligence to create a new baseline of awareness utilizing powerful skill sets that reduce energy leaks. As a result, individuals are better able to manage their emotional responses to stress, enhance their ability to think more clearly, make decisions effectively, and improve overall health.

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Meet Andrea & Dawn

Your HeartMath Trainers

In their workshops, Andrea & Dawn introduce participants to Intelligent Energy Management Techniques from HeartMath® such as the ‘Quick Coherence® Technique’ to help participants practice self-regulation skills to increase resilience and build coherence.

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HeartMath's® Intelligent Energy Management Techniques, backed by over 30 years of peer-reviewed research, have consistently demonstrated their efficacy in improving individuals' well-being. These techniques leverage the principles of biofeedback and neurocardiology to help individuals better understand and manage their emotional and physical states. In practice, the HeartMath Inner™ Balance Sensor is often used in conjunction with these techniques. This sensor provides real-time insights into an individual's physiological responses, thereby enabling them to track and enhance their progress over time. This combination of advanced technology and time-tested techniques are powerful tools for achieving improved inner balance resulting in overall improved health.

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Let us show you how to go from an incoherent heart rhythm into a coherent heart rhythm, increasing your heart rate variability (HRV), as seen below in our personal practices. Below in the first photo, you can see Dawn’s heart during a stressful situation and the second photo is her heart after using HeartMath’s Quick Coherence® Technique. 
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